7 ways to find self-time and be happy

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Do you feel that you don’t get enough quality time for yourself? Or you hardly get a minute to sit and relax?

The busy schedule demands you to run after completing the chores than thinking for yourself. And you are forced to satisfy yourself by doing just that. Well, we all have been there.

But it is equally important to give the body and mind a much needed break. You deserve it for yourself and your family.

The recreational activities (like your hobbies etc) takes us away from the real world commotion and re-fills us with positive energy.

The time-window

We often get small window time during our daily routine activities, like waiting for the pulse and rice you just put on flame to heat up, waiting in a queue for your turn.

You can use this small window time (may be just 5 minutes) for yourself. Also, you need this mini-break for yourself during the work hours.

  • If you like writing, jot down those lines in your mobile.
  • If you feel stressed, close your eyes, take deep breaths and relax.
  • If you read, take out that novel in your cupboard you had kept for so long and read few pages.
  • If you like singing or dancing, just groove to the music you play on your mobile.
  • If you like checking current affairs, scroll that news app on your mobile.
  • Stroll on the terrace to give your legs some much needed walking.
  • Take a bite of a healthy snack.

It is surprising how these few minutes add-ons can help re-invent your energy levels.

“Sometimes I give myself a break. So I will retreat a moment from the fray, just to breathe,” Former First Lady Michelle Obama told Women’s Health in 2012. (via oprahdaily)

Early morning or late night?

You can wake up early or sit late night, to have a self-time break. You need to decide which suits you better.

If you are a morning person, start your day by 4 am. You will get enough time for yourself to invest in morning exercise, yoga, meditation, reading, writing and what not. Make a list of your tasks for the day and then get to your routine.

Late night is a peaceful time as well to utilize as all are asleep and you don’t have to think of any house chore. There will be no haste as well, as the day has ended. Have an early supper to find more time window. Do not extend beyond 12 am or so, as you need to sleep for adequate amount of time too, to meet your responsibilities the next day.

It is observed that early morning brings better results than late night. If you want to feel refreshed throughout the day, giving few moments to yourself while sipping your morning beverage will be the perfect time.

Do not compromise

During your self-time window, do not compromise. Have this time for yourself and do the most important thing which you planned or wanted to do. Let others know that you need this time for yourself.

Make it routine

Once you start having self-time window, make it your routine.

Make sure you free yourself from other tasks to utilize this time. You can plan accordingly to meet your daily tasks so that the self-time doesn’t get affected.

As it becomes a part of your routine, you will see how easier it gets to give yourself that much needed break.

Early preparations

Few chores like pressing clothes for the next day, washing vegetables etc. can be done a night before.

Not only these preparations help you finish your tasks early the next day, but imbibes a positive energy in you, as you know half of your work is already completed.

Straighten your schedule

Check and analyze your routine. You will find few things which are not important but you do them out of habit.

Cut them out to be able to focus on your work. The earlier you finish your work, the more the window-time is. There can be various things which can be cut out from your routine.

  • Reduce TV/mobile hours.
  • Do not scroll the social media pages on your desktop or mobile while working.
  • Do not chat while working.
  • Do not multitask. (Studies suggest multitasking can reduce the brain’s efficiency.)

A straightened schedule will have no compromised tasks and you will find that you can effectively carry on with your routine along with your rejuvenation activities. This makes you feel lighter.

The work order

Make sure to target the most important/big task first. Once the monster is pinned, you will get a positive vibe to take all those small ones.

Making a list of tasks (home or office) in the morning in order of priority can help. The work done in the correct order brings self-satisfaction.

As the day ends, a satisfied body and mind will not exhaust as it is filled with positivity. This will help during the self-time too. The self-time will not feel like a forced relaxation time but a quality time instead.

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The work done in the correct order brings self-satisfaction.

Closing words

Self-time is as important as drinking water. It rejuvenates those energy levels and prepares you for the future endeavors. It keeps you alive. You may make few minutes or hours from the above points, but these few moments can work magically to amount to a big time-window, which will be your sole luxury.

If you feel ‘burnout’ setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself.” ~ Dalai Lama

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