A Day of Rain

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Roads and lanes look deserted

as red heat the sun asserted

no adult’s walk, no child’s play

it’s long since all being gay.

Wary eyes have ceased to glow

weary hands have stopped to sow

barren lands and arid brooks

speak for the gloomy looks.


Amidst the casted dry spell

zephyr begins to charm well

grey masses take up the sky soon

gulping down heat ball of noon.


Tiny droplets touch the ground

making the most marvelous sound

tip tap, tup tup tup

eyes staring all the way up.


Merriest is Fulka, the farmer

for the drops are his armour

“Gone are my gloomy days!”

like a lion he exclaims.


Life seems like seasons spree

amidst the moist muddle dawned on me

how hot may be the summer song

winter winds will never be long.

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