A teary re-union

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Asad had a long shopping list. It took him almost an hour standing in the queue and waiting for his turn. Once he was done shopping, he took all his bags and started loading them in his car parked outside of the grocery mart. As he was about to enter the car his eyes caught view of someone familiar looking. At first he did not believe it. His old age eye sight had started to decieve him, but his heart refused to deny. He looked closely. It was difficult to recognise after such a long period but the woman’s uncanny resemblance to the little girl’s face, the unmistakable small lips and straight nose, that innocence on her face – only a brother could recognise these unsaid signs. Yes, it was Aamna, his baby sister. His nerves were chilled and happiness shone through his eyes as he rushed towards the woman.

60 years since they had believed her to be dead when they could not find her after the India Pakistan separation riots. The brother sister duo had been inseparable during the innocent childhood days. Destiny played a cruel game with the little ones and they surrendered in front of it for there was no choice.

“Aamna!” Asad screamed.

She turned back to find Asad standing in front of him on the other side of the road. It did not take her long to recognise her beloved brother for the tenderness in his voice as he called out her name brought back innocent voices from childhood to her heart.

Both kept standing and staring at each other with only the tears moving unstoppably. 60 years of illusion was cleared on a different land, in a different country. Life indeed had played a big joke.

Asad ran towards her. Aamna opened her longing arms to embrace her big brother. They hugged each other just like the little ones, as the world outside ceased to exist.

Written for Sadje’s ‘What do you see?’



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