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Hi Reader! Welcome to my art corner – ShreyaWritesRight.com. Read on to explore various colors of art and literature.

<strong>Shreya Karn</strong><br>
Shreya Karn

Shreya is a software engineer. Besides her career of 5+ years in Information Technology, she follows her passion for writing and painting. She loves writing poems, short stories and articles. She has worked as chief editor for her college magazine. She withdraws stories and poetry from day to day experiences and writes about perspectives and issues we come across in lives. Through this blog – ShreyaWritesRight, she brings out the words along with colors to emphasize the same. She is equally passionate about signing and dancing.

About shreyawritesright.com

This site offers something for every keen reader (stories, poems, articles, snippets, scribbles etc.) in English and Hindi. The articles tell possible ways for the issues faced in our varied lives. The poems and snippets are derived from the relationships or nature – the very basic elements that surround us and hence are relatable. The writing work is highlighted by the colorful portraits. Explore the words to dive into nature.

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