Are you an Introvert?

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Are you an introvert? Are you teased by friends and relatives for being quiet? Do you like seclusion more than company? If the answer to all the above is ‘Yes’, you are welcome to the unique world of introverts.

Personally, I feel the stage of world had always been set for extroverts. As much paranoid as it sounds, I do have my reasons. You will need to read on to find.

Being an introvert may make one

  • Talk less in groups
  • Comfortable when alone
  • Shy
  • Struggle to find a suitable line while talking

I possess all the above traits. Surprisingly, these characteristics are not perceived as natural but as signs of weakness. I wonder ‘since when did a thing as natural as ‘being an introvert’ become a sign of weakness?’

The unnecessary pressure to blurt

During a get-together, I usually keep quiet and just nod or smile. I manage to speak a line or two, that’s all.

I have come across extroverts brimming with anecdotes to share, impromptu ideas for conversations and immediate response for everything being talked about. They rejoice to claim themselves as extroverts. I totally agree. They persuade me to talk and humorously mock me for being quiet for long, leading to an unnecessary peer pressure to speak. I can’t disagree more.

As a child during such functions I struggled to think of a line and would end up blurting something irrelevant, which I regretted later. The rigorous mocking made me ‘amend’ myself, only to realize that I was trying to be someone I was not.

Beauty lies in one’s natural self, with flaws and scars, for all that makes one unique.

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Introverts face hardships — a bizarre notion

I have even met people with notion that ‘there is something wrong with introverts or why else would somebody not open up’.

There is a taboo attached with being an introvert that someone who doesn’t socialize is not the fittest for survival.

It’s unlikely introverts will keep quiet and suffer even when talking is required.

Natural is beautiful

Being an extrovert is nice, but imposing it on others is not. An introvert is as natural as an extrovert.

Introversion is a characteristic under which a person chooses to stay quiet when she/he doesn’t have much to say, which ought to be cherished and respected equally.

Introverts magical world

  • Finding seclusion in a crowd
  • Loosing oneself in a book
  • Ditching group discussions to stay indoors
  • Letting music introduce them to solace
  • Bunking meetings to steal a few hours of siesta

Many such little things add up to make a beautiful private world.

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Certainly talking and socializing are nice, but isn’t silence golden?

Closing words

The charisma of a person lies in her/his natural poise, which is distinctive and should not be invaded. It is high time the world comprehends the nature. Period.

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2 thoughts on “Are you an Introvert?”

  1. Loved it! I think these reasons compelled me to become an ambivert from an introvert. I remember thinking about these reasons as a kid. So now I am still a shy introvert/rude/egoistic person (they interpret everything from my silence) for people whom I meet for the first time and an extremely talkative/kind/passionate person when I get comfortable around them.


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