To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before ~ Jenny Han

‘To All the Boys I’ve loved before’ is a nice teen romance comedy novel. The book revolves around the main character of the story – Lara Jean. She is very relatable to the teenagers and youngsters around. She secretly crushes over the guys she finds attractive (which does not just mean looks!), and writes a … Read more

Journey of a task

Written for Truthful Tuesday question, asked by Frank. “When it comes to working on a project, what gives you the most satisfaction? Starting something new, putting time into a pet project, or finally being able to push a completed project into the “done” pile?” I often assign myself tasks like making DIYs, painting, reading a novel and … Read more

How are you?

Written for E.M’s Sunday Ramble, Her topic this week is“How Are You?“. This week’s topic is “How Are You?“. Here are the questions: How is the weather where you are today? In India, in the North-East region it is warm yet cold as winter is fading out and summer is on its way. What is the perfect … Read more

Being sick and childhood

Written for Lauren’s Throwback Thursday. She is back with another excellent topic that takes us back to childhood. Click here to go to her blog to get the details. This week’s prompt is: Ouches, Owies, and Boo Boo’s Being sick during childhood used to be the time when both my parents were in too worried and pampering mode. … Read more