Being sick and childhood

Written for Lauren’s Throwback Thursday. She is back with another excellent topic that takes us back to childhood. Click here to go to her blog to get the details. This week’s prompt is: Ouches, Owies, and Boo Boo’s Being sick during childhood used to be the time when both my parents were in too worried and pampering mode. … Read more

Somewhere down the lane

Somewhere down the lane, paying bills, keeping desires in bound and saving for a better future, we have left the child in us behind, who eventually peeps from the eyes that shine at the sight of a hidden desire. Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday.  If you would like to participate in this prompt, feel free … Read more

Does it matter who wins?

What’s up with the world and war?Why is every sight full of terror?Why do we see nothing but tears?Will it ever end or end up taking us far? Thousands lay stranded, many are helpless,Where shall we search for power?For they preview separationTo be the supreme of the hour. Does it really matter who wins?Does it … Read more