James and Timmy

James willingly looked out of the window at the sound of motorbike. Timmy too followed him and gave small barks as he lurked at the door to look outside. But there was no sign of him. Sadly he turned around and sat with his back at the door. “Why hasn’t dad come yet? Mom says … Read more

Re-living childhood

Interacting with kids is quite liberating. I recently had a chance to interact with kids after a long time. Since I stayed in hostel and at paying guest for almost 10 years, I had forgotten how to interact with kids. It was due to the pandemic that me and my husband moved from our work … Read more

Moved On?

“He looks happy and handsome. Check his profile pic.” It whispered. “I have moved on.” I resisted. “Don’t lie. You know you miss him, even after so many years.” It resisted back. “I am not lying. I have my own life now. So, just shut up!” “But what about all those yearnings and waiting for … Read more

Black Beauty – By Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Ana Sewell talks about the unfair and difficult lives animals witness due to lack of empathy in human beings. It raises the concern of the dire need of soft corner towards animals. The horse – Black Beauty, is a healthy and handsome horse who tells his story in his own words. There … Read more


एक झोंके सी आकर, रेत की परतें हटाकर,मन की सिमटी चादर में अरमान जगाकर,बीते पल में आशा के दीए जलाकर,ये यादें बेवक्त ही आ जाती हैं,भरी महफिल में तन्हा कर जाती हैं। कुछ ख़बर कहाँ कब होती है,जाने कौन पल याद बन जाएगा,जाने कौन वहीं छोड़ जाएगा,कब आँखें खुल जाएँगी,और नया सवेरा निकल आएगा। उन … Read more

Till the last breath

She clenched his hands with hers. Lying on the hospital bed, she stared unknowingly at him. “Why are you with me when I don’t remember you at all?” He smiled, bent down, caressed her face, tucked her hair behind her ears and whispered in her ears, “Because I remember you.” Alzheimer could not win over … Read more