Beating the Pandemic Blues

Written for Dr. Tanya’s 5 Things Tuesday. This week I ask you to list the ways you kept those pandemic blues at bay.


Crafting has been my all time favourite pastime since childhood. I used to make small house from chart papers, paint earthen flower pots, make paper flowers and vase from packaging cartons and more. My mom also takes equal interest in crafting with me. This pandemic, I decided to decorate my house with handcrafted materials. I have decorated the wall clock, made birthday banner, framed my paintings with carton, welcome wreath with paper flowers, wall hangings, origami butterflies and many more. Sharing below few of my crafted possessions.


Painting is not the second on my list. But just to stick to an order, here it comes. I loved painting cartoon characters and nature sceneries since childhood. I still love to paint.

Painting kept me relaxed and going. It calmed me everytine I saw my painted work. I learnt the art forms like Mandala, Dot Mandala, Madhubani, Modern etc. Below are some of my lockdown phase paintings.


This lockdown, me and my husband were on a cooking spree. Well, I was more of a helper and he was the one in-charge as he cooks really nice. I learnt a lot of cooking tips in the initial months of the lockdown. He used to prepare food and I used to learn the minute details of the art. We tried a lot of cuisines and snacks like samosa, chola bhatoora, namakpaara, rasgulla, carrot halwa, chocolate cake, egg biryani, potato dum biryani and many more. It gave us a happy time together amid the pressure that was brewing outside.

Watching Movies

We watched a lot of movies this lockdown. Watching movies along with munching on snacks is a perfect weekend plan. I even watched lot of soap operas and that too in different languages like Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Urdu and Taiwanese, by reading the subtitles in English. It is fun to learn few details of other cultures and languages. You get to see their world and be a prt of it, for some time.


Reading has kept me going, till date. Though I am a slow reader, but there is always a book which is on my reading list. This lockdown too I read few books. It kept me motivated.


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