Being sick and childhood

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Written for Lauren’s Throwback Thursday. She is back with another excellent topic that takes us back to childhood. Click here to go to her blog to get the details.

This week’s prompt is: Ouches, Owies, and Boo Boo’s

Being sick during childhood used to be the time when both my parents were in too worried and pampering mode. I used to catch cold and fever and stayed at home for a day or two. My mother used to sleep with me when I was sick and my father would come early from office to see me.

One of the prominent issues I have faced, even after being an adult, was ear pain. During childhood I had picked a bad habit of picking my ears with a pencil. I had a bad ear pain one day. Somehow that got cured and I left this bad habit. But eventually the pain would return, specially during or before my exam time. Before my 10th std. boards I had this ear pain problem at peak. I had worked so hard for the board exams the entire year that I felt devastated when I could not concentrate on studies due to the pain. I remember I had announced in my home that I would believe in God’s existence only if my ear pain is cured (I laught so hard at it today! 😀). We had visited many doctors, which could only help temporarily and the pain would return. It was only after being an adult when the pain came back we visited a doctor who identified that the issue was not with my ear but with my teeth. All four of my last teeth – all wisdom teeth – were growing misaligned which was straining my ears and I had to get rid of them. So, I went through the procedures. I don’t remember the painful part of it much but I remember the doctor recommended eating lot of icecream which was great!

Being sick during childhood had its own perk sometimes as we could demand or ask for anything we wished for and the elders would not deny. 😊

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4 thoughts on “Being sick and childhood”

  1. Shreya, I had a lot of ear infections and ear pain as a child. It can certainly be painful. It sounds like your parents took good care of you, though. It is funny how children try to challenge God to get what we hope for. Of course, many adults do it, too. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

  2. Sherya, thanks for joining in. It is wonderful that both your parents were so caring when you were in pain. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to study when in pain from your ears. I had wisdom teeth removed also. It was not an easy process.

    • Thank you Lauren! Throwback thursdays are always a favourite. Yeah, it was difficult to concentrate while studying. My parents used to motivate me a lot to help ease the pain.


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