Blacky and Milky

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“Bro, I have heard them talk about me being bad luck.” Blacky, the black crow said.

“I know. Why is that? They even shoo you away from their terraces or balconies.”
Milky, the white crow asked.

“I have no idea. If it is about our unpleasant voice, you also have the same voice. But they don’t shoo you away.”

“No bro, they don’t. They seem amused when they see me.” Whitey said.

“Yeah. Is this because I am black in complexion?” Blacky’s voice choked.

“I think so bro.”

“I knew it. I have seen them do the same to black cats. They think of them as bad luck or a bad sign. Poor Whiskers was telling me that day. She wept a good deal in front of me.”

“Yeah, Whiskers is a good black cat. She cannot be a bad sign.” said Milky.

“Yes, true. Not only us Milky, I have seen them differentiating among themselves due to skin color too. Aren’t human beings over reacting to colors? I mean these are just natural colors, be it white or be it simply black.”

“You are right bro.”

Pinku, a 3 year old kid and her mother entered the terrace.

“Mom! Look, birds!” He exclaimed on seeing Blacky and Milky on the terrace.

“Yes dear. These are crows. One black and one white. Come, we will give grains and water to them.”

“Okay Mom!”

Mother scattered dried grains. Blacky looked at Whitey and smiled. Whitey nodded and they started picking up the grains with their beaks. Pinku seemed quite amazed.

It’s not the color of the skin; it’s the way people treat you that matters. ~ William Stone

Written for Sue W and GC‘s Weekly Prompts.

This weekend is our monthly Colour Challenge and for October partner Gerry and I have chosen Simply Black.

As always the challenge is flexible, so please interpret in any way you wish – Words, Pictures, Poetry or Rhyme.


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