Blacky and Milky

“Bro, I have heard them talk about me being bad luck.” Blacky, the black crow said. “I know. Why is that? They even shoo you away from their terraces or balconies.”Milky, the white crow asked. “I have no idea. If it is about our unpleasant voice, you also have the same voice. But they don’t … Read more

The Castle of Her Dreams

Jessy tossed and turned in her sleep as the image became clearer. She wanted to touch it but she could not. She reached out for those clouds but she could grab nothing. Amidst that uneasiness, her eyes opened and she sat on her bed with her face drenched in sweat. She grabbed her towel lying … Read more

My Piece of Heart

“Here you go!” Sid drew a heart with the chalk on the coffee bench they were sitting. “Come on! You know it wont stick even for few days.” Shrishti giggled. “I know! But you asked me to draw something permanent and it was the only thing that came to my mind. Besides, my intention was … Read more

Lost But Not Expired

Exhausted and lost, she sat on the bench and gasped for breath. It had been more than 10 days since she left home. Staying away from home at this young age was not easy. But she had promises to keep which she had made to herself and her family. A hope lurked onto her from … Read more

James and Timmy

James willingly looked out of the window at the sound of motorbike. Timmy too followed him and gave small barks as he lurked at the door to look outside. But there was no sign of him. Sadly he turned around and sat with his back at the door. “Why hasn’t dad come yet? Mom says … Read more

Moved On?

“He looks happy and handsome. Check his profile pic.” It whispered. “I have moved on.” I resisted. “Don’t lie. You know you miss him, even after so many years.” It resisted back. “I am not lying. I have my own life now. So, just shut up!” “But what about all those yearnings and waiting for … Read more

New Beginnings

As I struggled with my sleepless eyes at night, I stared at the Banyan tree through the window, in our orchard.It had stood there for over 90 years now: still, quiet and strong.Years of hardships brought about by several seasons were embarked all over its trunk, but yet it was there – unflapped.I doubted the … Read more