Two Little Girls

Two little girls played togetherHolding hands promising foreverTogether they danced and sangTogether they shouted and ran. The little journey to schoolIn the weather hot or coolDressed up they used to pranceTo avoid getting late by chance. Sharing their little secrets,Caring for each other’s regrets,An unending love was found,In whatsoever goes around. Life took them to … Read more

Longings Of Love

The heart aches with the thought of lossaches more when not held stronggoing ways to voice innatebut void is the only fate. Amidst that nullness I stare aheadmidst of chaos I dream of dawnwhere sun lightens the shorewhere we held each other more. I long to find the serene sightin broad day light, in the … Read more


The forest we got from nature,is a boon for every creature,giving shelter, wood and rubber,but ‘thanks’ we never utter. For lion, rhino and leopard,forest is the only orchard,but no pity is left there,wandering wild is rare. Sheeps provide us wool,but humans are a great fool,for them it means nothing,all they know is forest cutting. The … Read more

Eternal Love

We arrive and wait, meet and greet,we frown and smile, to give a treat. We never know if all thesewill come to mean someday,where greetings will be betterthan just a handshake,where smiles gleam brighterthan a curve which is fake,where frown and sorrowwill see more pals,where glory will rise to higher peaks,where gestures will be softer … Read more

A Day of Rain

Roads and lanes look deserted as red heat the sun asserted no adult’s walk, no child’s play it’s long since all being gay. Wary eyes have ceased to glow weary hands have stopped to sow barren lands and arid brooks speak for the gloomy looks.   Amidst the casted dry spell zephyr begins to charm … Read more

Cross That Bridge

Take off: afraid of getting lost?What if I take the right bus? Sail: afraid of tides?What if I sail above the waves? Fly: afraid of falling down?What if I rise and reach the stars? Swim: afraid of drowning?What if I reach the shore? For there is fear in every walk,Fear gives me power to see … Read more

Those Moments

Those moments which you never want to endwhen you and life are having a perfect blend, Those times when you forget what the world islost in your own world having a bliss, Those moments which you do not want to gowhen every second seems too short or so, Those moments of sufferings and cravings for … Read more