Things We Love

I love crafting. It gives me immense pleasure to make something useful out of the things just lying around. I create painting canvases using cardboards of the purchased goods. I stick newspapers and then glue white sheets on them. I paint these canvases and then cover them up with thin transparent plastic sheets to keep … Read more

Beating the Pandemic Blues

Written for Dr. Tanya’s 5 Things Tuesday. This week I ask you to list the ways you kept those pandemic blues at bay. Crafting Crafting has been my all time favourite pastime since childhood. I used to make small house from chart papers, paint earthen flower pots, make paper flowers and vase from packaging cartons … Read more

Good Writing

Writing is the form of art which creates a magical world which is lived by the reader. Good writing evokes a sense of living along with the characters in the book. Sometimes I got so engrossed in a book, that I felt as if I lived one more life and felt empty as I turned … Read more