Till the last breath

She clenched his hands with hers. Lying on the hospital bed, she stared unknowingly at him. “Why are you with me when I don’t remember you at all?” He smiled, bent down, caressed her face, tucked her hair behind her ears and whispered in her ears, “Because I remember you.” Alzheimer could not win over … Read more

Loving Yourself

“Like everyone has same face but look different, we all are beautiful in unique ways. It’s not what looks good but what captures the vision. You have flaws, you are imperfect, you are beautiful. Love yourself to celebrate your uniqueness.” The inner voice often tells me the world is beautiful. Do you like this snippet? … Read more

Long lost dreams and LIFE

“It’s time. Get up and act.” Dreams pinged. On summon, I began. Gradually, the voice subsides by apparent world commotion. “Dear, it’s about the art of balancing – real and subtle. Don’t forget.” I surrender to BALANCE. “Don’t you wish to live your dreams? Fight for them”. And I resume to juggle between life and … Read more

Dear Papa

As the little girl danced by taking little steps, there stood a man just beside her, clapping his hands and tapping his legs, bending every time the girl stumbled. Dear Papa, I might have become a big girl today, but I feel as if you are still beside me, ready to catch me when I … Read more