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All of us have played outdoor games during our childhood. Some of them are known to all, like hide and seek, badminton, bat ball and more. In India, we have many such outdoor games too, which I will be talking about in this post.

Police and Theif (Chor Police) – One person will be selected to start the game (we called him ‘theif’ 😁). Once all are ready, everyone will run away from the theif and he will run to catch them. Whoever is caught will become the next theif and so it will go on. This game was played in an open area or field. We used to play it in our school playground.

Chain Chain (Zanjeer) – Based on the concept of Police and theif, here the caught person will have to hold hands with the theif and they will have to run together to catch the remaining ones. The more people caught, the longer the chain. If in even numbers, the theif squad can divide the chain into two-two or three-three persons, hence helping in catching the remaining ones easily, from all directions.

Hide and Seek (Chuppan Chupai) – The classic hide and seek, we used to call Luka Chuppi or Chuppan Chupai. We used to find such bizarre places to hide, like under the piles of clothes, inside a big carton box and what not. 😊

Corner Corner – One person will be made theif and he will stand in the centre. This is played on a roof or any large hall or room (place which has 4 corners, at least). The other people will choose one corner each and will stand there. They will keep on exchanging their corners and the theif has to run to occupy the vacant corner while the others are changing it.

ABCD – This is played on stairs. We used to name each stair as A, B, C, D, E and F. The theif will stand downstairs while the others will stand on the top most stair, namely A. The theif will call the letters, and others will have to reach to that stair. Usually F stair meant that everyone had to run around and the theif will run behind them to catch them. Whoever caught will become the next theif.

Dumb Cherades or Film Acting – This is the classic game of enacting a movie name, without saying anything. There will be two teams. Each team will decide few standard and common codes among themselves for the ease of making their team understand the movie name. One member from a tean will go to the other team and the other team will tell him a movie name in his ear, so others can’t hear the same. He will have to enact the name to his team. If his team gusses right, they get a point. This will continue turn wise and at the end the team with max points wins.

Antakashari – Two teams will be made. One team will sing a song. The other team will have to sing a song which starts from the last letter of the song which team A just sang.

Word Antakashari – Same rules as Antakshari, just that here it will be played with english words instead of songs. We used to say words which ended with the letter ‘y’ and the other team will have to say a word which begins with ‘y’. Since words beginning with ‘y’ are hard to find after a certain time, it becomes fun when the opponent team starts to think deeply to find a word which starts with ‘y’.

Name Place Animal Thing – This one is an indoor game. Everyone will have a notebook and a pencil or pen. They will make 4 columns, named – Name, place, animal and thing. One letter will be chosen and everyone will write names of these things which begin with that letter. The moment someone finishes writing all four, he will call ‘time up’ and everyone will have to stop. They all will tell what they have written and take points accordingly. Another letter will be decided and so on. At the end, one with maximum points will win.

There were various other games, but that would make this post too long. 🙂

Which games did you play? Let me know in the comments or create a post of your own, creating a ping back to this one, so that I can find it.

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