Creating backup

Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser. Find out more here.

Do you collect or hoard things so that you don’t run out of them? And if you do and later on find that you don’t need them after all, what do you do with them?

I would say I hoard things, but more precise to say, I keep a back up of everything. When we go shopping, I collect the cosmetics and tend to buy an extra. Moreover, I make a list of household goods way before they are going to be over, so that I don’t have to stand an emergency.

I like crafting. When I see craft papers, colorful sheets, glitter sheets, I hoard them all. Old carton boxes, card boards, sheets found in new clothes, I hardly throw away as I keep them for my future crafting. And they always come handy and are put to use when I create a new DIY. At that moment I boast to everyone about my hoarded goods. 😀 And they just can’t deny but value it.

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