Do you have a sweet tooth?

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I am definitely not a sweet lover. I like sweets and chocolates, but I prefer one or two at a time. I can’t bear to eat more at once.

Due to this, I keep on loosing my part of sweets. I keep them in the fridge to eat later when I get in the sweet-eating mood again (which is very rare). But as you know, a sweet cannot wait too long. It finds its consumer soon.

I tend to nibble small portions of chocolates at one time and save the rest for later. A chocolate can stay in my bag for weeks (depending on its size). I have seen people eating away whole chocolate in a go, which is unimaginable for me.

But I don’t say I dislike sweet. I like them in small portions at a time. I am more a fan of spicy and salty. I can have savory snacks at anytime.

Written for Frank‘s Truthful Tuesday. He asked:

Do you have a sweet tooth, or do you prefer savory snacks?


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