Do you smell books?

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I do. I love books. When I get a new book in my hands, I open it and smell its pages. It fills me with warmth and fresh air. I know it sounds little cringy, but it gives immense pleasure, only if you are a book lover, you would know. 🙂

I am a slow reader. But I love to read. I want to have a collection of my books and create a mini library of my own. I prefer to keep the books I read, and add it to my collection, instead of just reading the book and letting it go, like a library copy.

When I hold a read book, it feels as an accomplishment. It is a lovely feeling just to look at a read book. I keep on adding books to my reading list. Even if I get to read very few of them (given that I am a slow reader), just adding them to the list gives me a motive ahead.

They say there are two types of readers, one who just read, and one who smell. The second kind reads, re-reads, imagines, checks dictionary for an unknwon word, thinks of the verb forms used, smiles at a nicely carved literary sentence. Well, which kind are you?

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