Eternal Love

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We arrive and wait, meet and greet,
we frown and smile, to give a treat.

We never know if all these
will come to mean someday,
where greetings will be better
than just a handshake,
where smiles gleam brighter
than a curve which is fake,
where frown and sorrow
will see more pals,
where glory will rise to higher peaks,
where gestures will be softer speech.

We can question all that goes around,
be satirical to what we are bound,
but deep down it’s a process,
deeper down it’s beautiful.

A process to help us evolve,
to let us see the eternal peace,
which is soulful, pure and serene,
which shall we learn while passing by
all that comes and leaves,
cherishing our happiness,
embracing our sorrows,
for it’s an eternal journey
with an unending road.

May be off-sight, but it will be real,
In our minds, in our hearts, in our souls,
someday, somewhere……..

We have an undying faith,
that cynicism too can’t invade.
We will reach the heights
of peace, of happiness, of love,
Someday, somewhere…………….
For what this world is without LOVE……….

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