Internet or heating/ cooling

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Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

My provocative question for you this week is fairly lightweight and as bloggers all, I think I know how most of you will answer it. But be sure to focus on the “why” part in your response.

If you were forced to chose, would you rather live without the internet or live without air conditioning and heating? Why?

I would live without air conditioning and heating than internet. Why? Because I have lived without them till date. I prefer a ceiling fan over an air conditioner. Heating is not much required here. If winters get too cold to bear, whole family is happy to sit around firewood to get warm.

Besides, I feel uncomfortable in air conditioning as it needs all ventilation closed for it to work effectively. I feel suffocated in a closed space like that. While travelling in a car or bus, I would always keep the window panes down. I would rather let the hot air blow in my face than air conditioning discomfort me.

Internet is something which gives me a break from the monotony of fast paced life. When I check other’s blogs or write my own posts, I feel satisfied. Well, that’s about my preference.


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