Gift Memories

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Shiny and bright they all are,
Presented by people near and far,
Small, big, large and oval,
Round, cubical and spherical,
Tiny bundles wrapped with love,
Given with warmth, packed with joy.

Beautiful dolls, cute animals, video games,
Story books, board games and clothes,
How I crave for such childish gifts,
A phase has passed, an era bygone,
But I still long for the tiny goodies,
Possessions not shared with even buddies.

The lapse of time, the ticking of clock,
Brings back the nostalgic knock,
When summer was hotter yet pleasant,
When winter was cooler yet warm,
When heavy rain meant no schools,
When waterlogged rooftops meant boats,
When every gift big or small, brought a smile,
Brightened the day and warmed the night.


Lauren and Maggie are hosting this challenge.



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6 thoughts on “Gift Memories”

  1. Shreya, this is lovely. I still enjoy little trinkets too. When I gift my grandkids there are often silly little gifts that they seem to enjoy a great deal.

    Thank you for joining in.


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