GrandPa’s Farmlands

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Riya came to stay with her grandparents during her summer holidays. Staying with Granny and GrandPa was of utmost joy to her and she used to beam with happiness the whole day.

She went to see large farms of GrandPa. The farms shone bright like an emarald as the tall grasses kept swaying with the wind. She loved the farms and fields and played with the village children for hours. In the evening she had to go back which made her sad. She told GrandPa, “GrandPa, it is not right to go back so soon. I had just started enjoying here. Please let us stay more.”

“We will come again next week, dear.” GrandPa had to persuade Riya a lot with the lurings of chocolates and dolls and then finally she agreed to come back to the house. Even after coming back she missed the farms and her new friends. She longed to visit the farms again and could not wait any longer till the next week.

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