How are you?

Written for E.M’s Sunday Ramble, Her topic this week is
“How Are You?“.

This week’s topic is “How Are You?“.

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Here are the questions:

How is the weather where you are today?

In India, in the North-East region it is warm yet cold as winter is fading out and summer is on its way.

What is the perfect weekend vibe for you and yours?

In a covid free world where the places are open and safe, I would love to go for a dine out and shopping with my husband. We would roam around, watch movie, dine out and do shopping. In a closed world, I would like to prepare some special dish for lunch and would take a good nap after reading few pages of a novel.

What song is the theme song of your world today?

Any bollywood song (Hindi cinema) song which I would hear playing.

What color encompasses how you feel today?

I feel refreshed and optimistic. So, I would say the color to encompass my feelings right now would be yellow.

What is something that makes you feel good today?

I am painting thermocol plates, as a part of my usual DIY activities. I look forward to completing these and putting them on wall for decor. My hobbies make me feel good and help me take a siesta break from the mundane routined life.


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2 thoughts on “How are you?”

  1. I had to look up the thermocol plates 🙂 Yellow is a good mood color, fresh and clean kind of feel to it! The weather there sounds much like mine. We are approaching Spring, but it feels like summer. Thanks for rambling with me, Shreya!


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