How to strike off that Bucket List to shed the load?

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  • Practice yoga
  • Repair watch
  • Install antivirus in laptop
  • Clean cupboard shelf
  • Learn swimming
  • Collect engineering certificate from college.

You must be wondering what these oddly listed bullet points are. Let me tell you. These were my dormant energy suckers.

These were the chores in quest for a permanent place on my bucket list (or ‘to-do-list’) but I managed to put an end to their ‘existence’ (after procrastinating a lot. Hey! I am a human too.)

A self-created enemy

Even though the name says it – ‘to-do-list’, seldom do we get enough time to do them, an irony in the name itself.

Such is the monotony of life that when one finds oneself unoccupied with the humdrum of daily activities, one chooses to prioritize the other activities, instead of picking the old listed ones. Hence are born our energy suckers.

The chores on the list sit in our minds, feeding on our energy reservoir. Being stored in our guilt buckets, they constantly remind, ‘’YOU IGNORED US!’’. (Yes, in capitals. They seem to be singing with a smug smile.)

Feels familiar? It is important that we get rid of these tasks and give some room to our minds for relaxing.

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Old habit dies hard

I have a habit of making a list for everything since childhood (I think got this trait from my father – he jots chores down on a paper as and when it comes to his mind) – things to buy, tasks to do, even the movies to watch (I tend to forget the movie names when it comes to watch one online. Weird? I know.)

Evolution of Notes

Sticky notes
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I used to have these lists scribbled on a tiny spiral bound notepad, which was overtaken by colorful note applications on smartphones.

I categorize the lists by different colors and touch the tiny ‘X’ marks beside each once it is done and boy! It relieves me!

Different people, different ways

Sometimes I wonder, ‘Shouldn’t we give ourselves a break from sticking to a rule book?’ Well, yes! But each individual is different.

Some may find making list irksome and complete tasks priority-wise sans a miss, while for others making a list is as important as eating. (I belong to the second kind).

How to strike that bucket list?

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Sort out your chores

  • The foremost thing is sorting and categorizing the tasks into – short-term and long-term.
  • You may add more categories like – short, medium and long-term.
  • Once sorted, you can begin completing the short-term jobs and striking them off your list.
  • As the list shortens, it makes us lighter – trust me on that!

Plan for long-term jobs

Long-term jobs need time and investment. Make a plan for them by taking into account other aspects like money, time, resource etc.

Break long-term job into segments.

  • Once you come up with a plan for long-term job, break it into daily/weekly segments.
  • Take one segment at one time. Strike off the completed segment.
  • This will add to your energy to move to the next segment, making a long-term job done within days/weeks.
  • Basically, treat your long-term job as a whole new bucket list of short-term jobs.

Stick to your plan.

Sticking to your plan is as important as making it.

Though life can’t be predicted and lived as per our plans, but what’s wrong in making and sticking to a plan? At least we will reach half way there, (if not full) and at max we will reach there.

Do NOT procrastinate.

Even though ignoring the list and catching a quick nap feels much better on a weekend, but there – right there it begins – your energy suckers winning over you. Though many tasks on the list may not be the urgent need of the hour, it is wise not to procrastinate. Just give little extra effort for a few more minutes/hours and get that job done.

Why is it so important to keep striking that extra load?

Creating positive energy

Nevertheless, it is about finishing tasks on time and saving energy from being devoured. The more tasks we complete, the more room we create for a positive energy and a fresh outlook towards life.

Emptying our task bucket gives way to new thoughts and lets us plan for a guilt free future.

Time is money – no kidding here!

Lack of time is clearly the greatest escape excuse here, yet we spend hours taking that perfect selfie, updating our social media status with a picture of the lunch we had (and the restaurant name of course!) and many such things.

We can find enough time to strike off those tasks scribbled on our lists for long enough to rile our subconscious peace. Though working on those tasks takes some time, but it gives us much more in return – a peaceful mind and free extra slots of time to do our favorite thing.

Live life to the fullest

  • Watch that movie you had been dying to watch.
  • Hit the pool and learn swimming.
  • Get that yoga mat and start practicing.

These tasks might not be the urgent ones but are certainly more than that. These tasks together is life, the life which you always wanted to live, or they would not have found a place on your bucket list!

Closing words

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You deserve a day to relax, with no pending tasks and no debts to pay.

I hope this article was helpful. I will be back with more interesting articles and posts – inspired by my day-to-day experiences. Till then please share your views and ideas on this topic in the comment section below. Any suggestions are welcome. Also, don’t forget to like and share. Thank you!

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