Lost But Not Expired

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Exhausted and lost, she sat on the bench and gasped for breath. It had been more than 10 days since she left home. Staying away from home at this young age was not easy. But she had promises to keep which she had made to herself and her family. A hope lurked onto her from her family and her younger siblings. She had to make it up to her father for all the loss and agony he had faced. Dishonesty indeed has ruined a lot of us.

As she raised her eyes, the buildings looked taller, the roads looked longer than they really were. She had been places looking for an opportunity or a help, but no use, for she was just a stranger in a very strange land. But fight she must, for she had promises to keep. So she stood again with all her might and walked again, with her back straight and spirits as high as ever.

Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #201


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