New Year

I am little late in posting this poem, but I believe the new year spirit is up for the whole January.

So here it is, a small poem on New Year, which brings lot of hopes and lot of fresh beginnings, with lot of lessons ofcourse from the last year, to imbibe the much needed resilience in all of us.

Image via Pixabay

New is the aroma around
Zealous are the vibes,
All seem merry and jolly,
The new year has arrived.

Another year has passed,
Other era has crossed,
It all feels the same,
Yet so much has changed.

I keep gazing ahead,
With future in my mind,
Lot of ifs and whens,
And many unsaid whys.

How swiftly can time fly,
Never ceases to amaze me,
It was a fresh year lately,
Here’s yet another one new.

Oblivious of the path,
Unsure of the time,
There is hope and will,
For we will walk still.

Image via Pixabay
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