Nothing as ironical

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“We can’t leave now, we are surrounded by them. War is at the doosrstep, what do you expect me to do?” He said lifting little John in his arms.

“But we can’t stay here. It’s dangerous. I can’t let John to be at risk. Please find out a way. There must be a secret passage out.” She said tugging at his collar.

“Dad, what is war? Are we going to die?” John asked.

Both parents looked at each other, with nothing but helplessness in their eyes. Why are we put in a situation where we become answerless in front of our kids? There is nothing as ironical in the world.

Written for RXC # 219, hosted by Reena

β€œWar is at the doorstep. What do you expect me to do?”

Include the sentence somewhere in your piece.


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