O Dear Bugs!

Scared at the sight of it,
Shout and run as it flies,
Making a buzz everywhere,
Here, there and in my mind
O dear bugs and flies!
What wrong have I done?
Why do you bug me?
Why do you come?
For I join hands to thee.

Even if you don’t bite,
Or if you don’t make mess,
Even if you don’t sting or fight,
I can’t like you any less.
For the mere sight of you
Gives me a shriek,
For you can take a flight,
Any moment you pick.

Some like pets, some like bugs,
I can’t help but stay away,
Tiny things invading beds ‘n’ rugs,
Making us cry and sway.

The photo below is from iStock.com.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


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