Re-living childhood

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Interacting with kids is quite liberating. I recently had a chance to interact with kids after a long time. Since I stayed in hostel and at paying guest for almost 10 years, I had forgotten how to interact with kids.

It was due to the pandemic that me and my husband moved from our work location (Bangalore) to stay with my in laws (Vaishali) one year back.

Here, I got the chance to meet children of all age groups. Our nephews and nieces (my sister-in-law’s kids) usually visit their maternal grandparents and I get to have long conversations with them.

Chatting with kids is quite refreshing. If you feel little low and want a boost, reach out to a kid (any age – infant to adolescent) and have a lively chat with him. Ask him about his studies, friends or school events. They wont shy away to tell. By the time you get back to your place, you feel refreshed as well as nostalgic. Trust me.

I talk to my 16 year old nephew about lot of things. When he tells me about his school friends and the pranks they play on their teachers and friends, I re-live my school days and tell him anecdotes from my school life. I wish if only I could hang that school bag on my back just one more time!

My 10 year old niece is the most talkative girl I have met. She can think way too ahead than her age and can understand matters which we do not expect her to. Sometimes when we chat on certain matters which do not concern children and she is nearby, we do not expect her to understand and keep on chatting. But to our surprise, she narrates the whole story to some other person, which results in humour or sometimes even emabarrassment.

My 4 year old nephew is way too naughty to be handled. He would shout and run the whole day long. He is quiet only when he sleeps. As soon as he is up, whole house wakes up. He asks so many questions that we would just say ‘hmm’ for them. His random conversations are so innocent that they make us laugh at times.

My 13 year old niece is so saintly and matured at this age that I learn few things by looking upon her. Everyone in the house would call upon her for running small errands and she would do them easily. I talk about her school friends and teachers which she narrates in her sweet voice.

Well, being around these kids I feel as if I am living my childhood again. I tend to remember all that me and my sister used to do when we were their age.

Besides re-living childhood, our patience and tolerance levels are also tested. Yes, be alert! You know how kids can be naughty and naggy. A person with utmost patience level too can give up to that. You learn to deal with multiple errands at a time and handle the kids at the same time. You need to do your job and keep an eye on the kid as well, who might be ready to jump from stairs to show his might. It’s like one hand for cooking and the other for holding the kid to stop him from running.

Life teaches so much in all that it brings to us. I have been learning and re-learning many life lessons lately. What about you? Are there kids around you? How are you dealing with them? Tell me your experiences in the comment section. How do you manage to find time for yourself? Or do you even find free time? What are the memories you re-live with them? Do share with me. Looking forward to hear your exciting anecdotes with these little ones.

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