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This week’s prompt is: Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Did you belong to any clubs?

In my school there were no clubs as such, so I was not a part of one, but used to take part in plays and skits all the time.

Did you stay after school for activities? If so, how did you get home?

Yes, I used to stay back for rehearsals of the dance and plays. It was an amzing feeling to be doing something extra when whole school was vacant except few teachers and students. It felt like we were doing something special in life. My school was nearby, so I used to walk to school. Hence, it was easier to get back home. Even when I changed the school, the bus facility was there to drop the students home when their rehearsal had been done.

Were you involved in sports? If so, which ones? Were you good at them, mediocre, or at least trying?

I was not much involved in sports. I don’t know till date if I am good at them as I have not tried my best yet. I was more of an artistic student. So I was more into decoration work, dance, singing, painting kind of activities.

What was your favorite school related sports or physical activity?

Sports day was always memorable, even if I was not good at them. I remember Javelin throw was fun. Apart from these sports, there were fun sports for kids like chocolate race, lemon balancing on spoon race etc, which were more fun to take part.

Did you hold any leadership roles in school?

I almost always was chosen class monitor. I loved doing class chores and helping teachers. Moreover, it felt really prestigious to become a monitor. Later, I gave up being one as I decided to focus on my studies.

Did you play football, basketball, or some other sport or were you a cheerleader?

A big NO. We played outdoor games which were more kind of local games (or rather called as desi ones). They were really fun. I miss playing those games. They were called ABCD, Dumb Cherades, Antakshari, Ice Water etc. (I would love to tell their rules, if anyone is interested.)

Did you travel after school, on weekends, or in the summer for any activities?  Where did you go?

No, we did not travel for activities. We used to play every evening with neighbouring children our age. That used to be an amazing time when the basement would roar with our voices and noise.

Did you receive letters, awards, or certificates for your involvement?

As I said I am more of an artistic person rather than sporty, I haven’t received prizes for sports. I have won state level award for English declamation, prize for speech competition, dance and singing etc.

Did you belong to any organizations that were not associated or sponsored by your school?


Were you on any school committees such as yearbook, prom committee, etc.?

I was an active member of the committee which organzied extra curricular activities in school.

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  1. I would love to hear more about the games you played. I had forgotten the feel of an almost empty school when we stayed after for activities. Thank you for the reminder and thank you for participating!


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