Shadows Of Our Past

Image via Pixabay

As I move ahead day by day,
My journey gets greener at bay,
Looking back at the traces left,
There lies tiny bits scattered.

I ponder upon these traces at times,
For they seem superficial vibes,
They touch, mock and even praise me,
Giving flashes of despair and glee.

As I looked within, I found them all,
They had been there in my rise and fall,
I resemble them in many ways,
I have lived them through hard days.

Traces which were hazy and far,
Actually a part of us they are,
It dawned on me quite at last,
These are the shadows of our past.

Written for Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda’s Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

Today’s prompt: Use the phrase or theme “shadows of our past” in any form of writing


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