Short stories or novels?

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A short story is a great medium to voice one’s words. It strikes the chord with the reader, for the worth it reasons – precise, short, quick and readable. A novel however is a detailed saga of the author’s version of the story.

I personally enjoy both short story and novel, depending on my reading mood. Both have pros on their sides. Short stories unwrap in a way that towards the end they provide the reader an element of surprise or excitement (not necessarily all short stories), giving their message. Whereas novels take the reader into a whole another world where the story unfolds eventually and provides the reader a charismatic experience.

What do you prefer? Short story or novel?

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6 thoughts on “Short stories or novels?”

  1. Both have their own way to keep people hooked to them.

    One cannot say which is interesting.
    I prefer small books or short stories.

    And you write both in such a way that I think everyone loves your writing either it is novel or short stories


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