Somewhere down the lane

Somewhere down the lane, paying bills, keeping desires in bound and saving for a better future, we have left the child in us behind, who eventually peeps from the eyes that shine at the sight of a hidden desire. Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday.  If you would like to participate in this prompt, feel free … Read more


Desires unfulfilled, dreams squashed,As the two lovers reached the shore,“We shall meet one day!” they exclaimed,Their hands rose to touch and meet,But never did they reach,For the stubbron world couldn’t see them,And there they went to the almighty,With all their love and sorrows,Meeting at the ultimate,And down stood the foolish world,Repenting on its deeds. Written … Read more

Long lost dreams and LIFE

“It’s time. Get up and act.” Dreams pinged. On summon, I began. Gradually, the voice subsides by apparent world commotion. “Dear, it’s about the art of balancing – real and subtle. Don’t forget.” I surrender to BALANCE. “Don’t you wish to live your dreams? Fight for them”. And I resume to juggle between life and … Read more