Does it matter who wins?

What’s up with the world and war?Why is every sight full of terror?Why do we see nothing but tears?Will it ever end or end up taking us far? Thousands lay stranded, many are helpless,Where shall we search for power?For they preview separationTo be the supreme of the hour. Does it really matter who wins?Does it … Read more


Desires unfulfilled, dreams squashed,As the two lovers reached the shore,“We shall meet one day!” they exclaimed,Their hands rose to touch and meet,But never did they reach,For the stubbron world couldn’t see them,And there they went to the almighty,With all their love and sorrows,Meeting at the ultimate,And down stood the foolish world,Repenting on its deeds. Written … Read more

United we stand

This is a poem I had written when I was a school student. This was one of my early attempts at poetry. Once in India there was beauty,love, peace and unity,people bonded like brothers,creating jealousy for others. Gradually we were shaken,our unity others had taken,division and hatred had won,as if unity noone had known. With … Read more

मैं क्यों डरूँ ऐ दुनिया तुझसे?

पहली बार जब खोली आँखें,पहली बार जब ली थी साँसें,माँ की गोद में सब सुंदर लगता था,हर चेहरा मुझे देख हँसता था। पापा की परी, माँ की मुनिया,भाई की बहना, दादी की गुड़िया,हर चेहरा मुझसे खुश था,हर चेहरा मुझे देख हँसता था। चाँद सी सुंदर, तारों सी रौशन,फूल सी नाज़ुक, कली सी कोमल,सबने यही कह … Read more

A Picnic in the Woods

“8, 9, 10…, I am coming!” Tim shouted and turned around to look for Percy. “Percy, I know you are there. Don’t be oversmart. I will come find you.” The two boys were playing hide-and-seek in the woods. They had come for a school picnic in the nearby resort which had its opening into a … Read more