The battle won in silence

Not all battles are fought on fields,Not all fire is burnt apparent,Some battles are fought alone,Where flames are burnt at peace. Where gunshots are unheard,And uproars are sounds of silence,The flames keep burning,Beyond all that violence. Battles are won with oneself,Not always is the enemy evil,A win which gradually lights,A win which one daily fights. … Read more

Does it matter who wins?

What’s up with the world and war?Why is every sight full of terror?Why do we see nothing but tears?Will it ever end or end up taking us far? Thousands lay stranded, many are helpless,Where shall we search for power?For they preview separationTo be the supreme of the hour. Does it really matter who wins?Does it … Read more

Far/ Near

Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday Linda is the host of Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “near/far.” Use “near,” use “far,” use them both if you’d like. In fact, if you start your post with one and end with the other, you get bonus points! Enjoy! Far far away in yet … Read more