Stand your ground

No matter how much one tries, one’s character can only be polished, nurtured and enlightened, but it cannot be taken away, for it is inimitable. Everyone in this world is born to be unique. It is amazing how all of us differ from one another in so many ways, that each can stand their ground … Read more

Right Time

One winter morning, sipping beverage,Buses and cars emerged from fog,Being apparent and clearer,As I stared at the busy lane. Things reach us at the right time,No matter how much we want,They show up and meet us,As they were destined for. Seasons share their wisdom,Via tiny little details,Each has some to say,Each has many to show. … Read more

7 ways to find self-time and be happy

Do you feel that you don’t get enough quality time for yourself? Or you hardly get a minute to sit and relax? The busy schedule demands you to run after completing the chores than thinking for yourself. And you are forced to satisfy yourself by doing just that. Well, we all have been there. But … Read more