The Castle of Her Dreams

Image credit; Xresch @ Pixabay

Jessy tossed and turned in her sleep as the image became clearer. She wanted to touch it but she could not. She reached out for those clouds but she could grab nothing. Amidst that uneasiness, her eyes opened and she sat on her bed with her face drenched in sweat. She grabbed her towel lying on the nearby chair and dabbed her face with it.

The ancestral castle still charms her in her dreams. Granny used to tell her a lot about that castle. Her ancestors had lived in that  for ages. It was beautiful and royal. It had  greenery around it and was built on a higher altitude. Jessy had never seen a castle in real. Since childhood she had painted a mental picture of it. While sleeping, the castle lures her and she can’t be more excited to see it.

However, today it was different. The castle had lost its charm. It was surrounded by machines and had shedded its greenery. It looked dull and rusted. Jessy’s dream saw the castle floating amidst black clouds.

She knew it was the reality of the time. Time lapse had made the beautiful castle turn into a mechanic device which had no life. It was just a mass of modern mechanic era, where technology holds power over human emotions.

Written for Sadje‘s What do You See #102 photo prompt.

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