The Empty Playground

Lisa sat in the balcony alone and stared at the empty playground in front of her house. It looked lonely, as if no children ever played there. It has been four months since she went out to play with her pals. Whenever she asks, Mom starts warning about some virus, which is harming the whole world. The schools are closed. The government says “if you want to stay alive, stay inside”. Lisa doesn’t know how to survive in a choked building.

She thought hard and then took a chalk from her Father’s drawer. She went down in the parking lot and drew a figure.

When Mom could not find her in the house, she got worried. She started looking for her everywhere. At last she went down to the parking place. She could not stop her tears on what she saw.

Lisa was lying on the ground, holding hands with the figure of a boy child she had drawn on it.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.


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