The Forgotten World

Written for Six sentence story, hosted by Denise of Girlie on the edge’s blog


“I don’t have time to win an argument with you. I have enough work today.” Siya shouted and went to the store room.

“Yes, just go. I too don’t want to see you.” Sam retorted.

Siya started checking the old carton boxes for the junk to be thrown out, as she needed house cleaned before Christmas eve.

She found old letters from Sam, few gifts he gave her on dates, books eating dust, her diary which had most of its pages filled with Siya and Sam’s memories and a lot of old stuff, which they had forgotten over time.

She took the carton box, went to Sam and kept everything in front of him, with tears rolling down her face.

Both hugged each other tightly like never before, for the box did not contain junk but the spark which brought them together, which was forgotten over the hardships of time.

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