The Heart is Where it All Begins

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They say she is rude and rough,
Harsh is her voice, unkind her nature,
The tiny little scratches on her heart,
Remains a mystery unsolved for them.

She smiles, sarcasm is the taste,
She laughs, cynicism in its sound,
She says she moved on,
Only the heart knows the pain.

Funny how hurt changes people,
Sometimes for good, bad at the other,
For they become cynical for all,
Judging everything around.

Some see the spiritual peace,
That the hurt imbibes in them,
Taking on life’s unfairness,
As a matter to evolve and live.

Whatever be the reason behind,
It does harden the heart,
With multiple stones impregnated,
As a bed of thorns more than roses.

It is on us when we get the stones,
We sculpt a beauty or let them rot,
For the power lies in our hands,
The heart is where it all begins.

Sometimes you break your heart in the right way, if you know what I mean. ~ Gregory Roberts

Written for Crispina‘s Crimson Creative Challenge

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