The Splutter Of Time

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“The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” — Henry Beston

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She sat near the window looking up at the sky. It was clear, yet not a sign of sun could be found.

She kept staring at the birds flying, leaves falling and light masses of fluffy clouds travelling. The wind was unexpected today. Perhaps the onset of autumn went unnoticed by her. She did not know what to expect or what to feel. His words still reverberated into her ears. How those three years passed, she did not know.

‘I would be there even when the world ceases to exist.’ He had looked into her eyes.

‘How can we exist when the world would not exist?’ She had giggled.

‘We will always exist Aaru. Somewhere.’

She did not respond. A smile and a few tears was all she could say.

“Chirp…. chirp… chee…. chee…..”

Sparrows broke her spell. They were chirping near the window. She took one of them on her hand.

Avinash had always been a warm and compassionate partner. Aarti would panic at petty issues whereas Avinash would stay calm and composed. He would always look forward to Aarti to lean on for which she stood by his side.

‘Aarti, I don’t think we should see each other anymore.’

‘You are kidding right?’ Aarti had closed her hands around his neck and smiled.

‘No Aaru, I am serious. I think we should move on. If you want, you can think of me as a looser but I won’t be able to bear this relationship anymore.’

‘You know I can’t blame you. Do I deserve to know the reason?’ Aarti was scared but he faced the mountain.

‘You do. And you will someday.’

Not a single day she blamed him. Six months later she was informed by a common friend about him passing away due to prolonged illness.

The world broke down. She did not know if she was a better partner who could not even see that he was suffering when he was so close.

‘Oh Avinash, why?’ She had asked herself and the Almighty, but there was void for an answer. She did not know how to live or what to feel. It had been a year yet nothing had changed.

Sudden winds made her reach out for the window panes. She was about to shut them when she saw wilted leaves falling off the trees outside. They were brown and dry. Lying on the ground they were telling their own story. They had a beautiful past – they were young, green and once the pride of the tree. But as nothing is eternal, it fell on the ground smiling on it’s small yet beautiful story. The new leaves had now taken over the onus. Being small, they were struggling, but adamant on their motive.

Winds entered her room and rustled with her hair. She found herself smiling. Autumn was here to take all the bad vibes.

‘Oh autumn, how beautiful are you!’ She whispered.

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