To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before ~ Jenny Han

‘To All the Boys I’ve loved before’ is a nice teen romance comedy novel. The book revolves around the main character of the story – Lara Jean. She is very relatable to the teenagers and youngsters around. She secretly crushes over the guys she finds attractive (which does not just mean looks!), and writes a secret letter to all of them to get over them (so, not a love letter exactly!). She keeps them hidden in her secret box. However, her world turns upside down when one day these letters get posted mysteriously and each boy receives his letter. The story unfolds from here to pose a challenge for Lara Jean. How she manages to answer them? Did she tell them the truth and confess her feelings? Did she ever fall in love in real life?

The characters are written in such a manner that they become very relatable, specially for young readers. Lara Jean is the teenager who daydreams and yet quite aware of the reality around and keeps herself under check for everything. The chemistry among the three sisters is heart-warming and lovely. Lara Jean’s dad is super cool, which brings a soft touch to the story.

The novel is a light, soft read for someone who is looking for just entertainment. It’s not an epic love story, nor is this a thought-provoking read. So, if you are someone who wants to have fun, laugh and relax, and not much of brain digging, this book is for you!

I would give a 4/5 to this book.

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