To My Younger Self

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Often there are things or pearls of wisdom which we wish we could have known it when we were children. But it is a matter of right time and nothing happens sooner or later. This poem is written to signify the questions which we might ask ourselves and seem too trivial now but it meant a big deal back then.

Sitting in the balcony sipping on tea,
Thoughts brushed up like a storm,
I wondered if I was the same version,
Or did I change to a new form?

Mind posed small queries,
And I began to think,
Younger me was oblivious,
And life passed in a blink.

Sometimes life takes test,
Not to break but to make you,
To enrich your inner soul,
I wish I had a clue.

Test gets tougher, so do we,
Still I held grudges for many,
Finding power is the trick,
I wish I got this for any.

The little girl asked queries,
Naive heart possessed quest,
Her questions could surprise,
She wanted all for her best.

Few questions are unanswered,
One discovers as one grows,
The beauty lies in exploring,
Now that little girl knows.

No matter how we wish,
Not knowing is part of fun,
We did cherish that phase,
And where it took us in turn.

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