Tuesdays with Morrie ~ By Mitch Albom

Awesome! That’s one word for this book. Tuesdays with Morrie can be seen as a guideline to life. It talks about life and various aspects with which one finds oneself surrounded. It throws light on these aspects and prove to be an eye opener. It’s a real story of a teacher and a student and how turn of events brings them back together. The reunion witnesses one of the greatest thesis of times, told to the world in the form of this book.

Mitch Albom, the author is a successful sports media professional. On seeing his old professor Morrie Schwartz on TV one day, who was ill and on wheelchair, he somehow makes his mind to meet him. Though he had promised to keep in touch back in college, but life never gave a chance to him. Now, after many years when they meet, Morrie shows the reality of his life and Mitch gets to see life much closer than before. They meet every Tuesday, their conversation is not just mere talk, but life’s greatest lessons. You would know once you read it.

The bond between the professor and the student is so deep one can literally see them talking and smiling. One can feel the warmth of the bond. Morrie’s character imbibes a positive energy towards life into the reader. Mitch is the person one can find relatable as he is the guy who is running in the race, ignoring the valuable aspects of life. I particularly liked Morrie, who lived life unapologetically and refused to surrender, come what may.

The book is written at a normal pace, where each Tuesday holds something precious to share. It also shares memories and conversations in between. If you are a fast reader, you can finish it in a day. However, the depth of content might need one to stop after few chapters for a break. I took one week to finish reading it.

This book deserves a read, at least once by everyone. It’s a small book of 192 pages.

I would give a 4/5 to this book.

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