United we stand

This is a poem I had written when I was a school student. This was one of my early attempts at poetry.

Image via Pixabay

Once in India there was beauty,
love, peace and unity,
people bonded like brothers,
creating jealousy for others.

Gradually we were shaken,
our unity others had taken,
division and hatred had won,
as if unity noone had known.

With the virtue of legends,
the battle for freedom begins,
a long scene of separation,
gave us back our nation.

We got freedom and rights,
but not free of fights,
war among different races,
still prevails in various faces,
hurting the martyrs soul,
who took us out of slavery bowl.

To all of us on this earth,
same divine gave birth,
let us live a new life,
without swords and knife,
let us bring the peace again,
let love monsoon shed the rain.

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