When Emma went missing

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Not finding Emma on the bed at midnight, Elena came to look for her in the balcony. She was not there. She looked in the bathroom and study room. No luck. She went on the terrace. Still not found. Weather was cooler as compared to other days this week. Suddenly a bloodcurdling cry was heard. It came from downstairs. She ran towards the stairs and switched on the stairway lights. To her amazement, she found a rugged man lying on the floor with his hands and legs tied with a rope and Emma sitting on top of him, pulling his hair.

“Who is he? What are you doing?” Elena shouted.

“He is the thief we had been alarmed by the government for past few months. He came to our house tonight.”

“Why did you shout? I thought something happened to you.” Elena reprimanded.

“Mumma, I did not shout. Thief uncle did.” Emma said and started laughing.

Elena went to Emma and kissed her. She called Police and handed over the thief to them. Police found it difficult to digest that a 15 year old girl had caught him single handedly. They praised her and patted her back.

“You should have waken me up.”

“Mumma, if I would have woken you up, you would never have let me step out of the room.” Emma smiled.

“This was risky Emma.”

“Mumma, why do you always forget I am a Black Belt in Karate?”

“Okay Miss Black Belt, I am proud of you.” Elena hugged Emma. Emma narrated the whole story and they had a good laugh till morning.

Written for Melanie’s Word of the day challenge.


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