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This week Maggie has given an interesting memory prompt – career dreams.

A few weeks ago we talked about role models and mentors. Today the challenge is to think back and try to remember the careers you once imagined for yourself as a child.

I remember when me and my sister were kids, we were very fond of Hindi movie songs. We used to call the actors as Uncle and Aunty. I wanted to become a model or an actor. We wanted long hair like the actresses and used to put Mom’s dupatta (a satin piece of cloth wore with the traditional wear – salwar kurta) on our heads fixing them with headbands.

Gradually that wish subsided as we focussed more on our studies. I remember once somebody told me that chartered accountants earn huge money. Since then I started aspiring for it (though I am not a money minded person, but the concept sounded exciting then). I did not even know that time which subjects are persued to become a chartered accountant. Later when I knew one has to study Commercial Mathematics and Economics, my interest eventually got channelised into other career goals.

Since my childhood, one thing was very clear to me that I did not want to become a doctor or persue any medical career. I am not sure why, but the voice within knew it simply was not my thing for sure.

I followed the footsteps of my family to become an engineer, as most of my cousins are engineers. Moreover, I had taken Maths and Science for my college studies, and it did open my path for engineering. Today I am a software engineer in an MNC in India. When I look back I have no repentance for the path I have chosen for it has been fruitful to me with God’s grace. Though, there always is a secret desire to become a successful writer, which I keep working on.

Written for Maggie’s Throwback Thursday #26 – Career Dreams



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4 thoughts on “When I grow up”

  1. Shreya, becoming an Engineer is no small feat. Our daughter is a chemical engineer and our grandson is currently studying mechanical engineering. I can iimagine how much fun you had dressing as actresses in your childhood. I think so many things help us find out path to the right career. Thank you for joining in and responding this week.

    • Thank you so much Maggie! So nice that you have such brigh engineers in your family. 😊
      Your prompts always bring me back to good old days and I never forget to share them with my sister. Thanks to your Thursday prompts. ❤️

  2. Childhood dreams undergo lots of transformations as we grow older. Both my daughters are engineers. One is an electrical engineer and the other is a software engineer like you.


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